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Application of cationic anionic non-ionic polyacrylamide in building and building materials industry

In the sugar industry, the flocculant with good performance must be used in the clarification treatment of syrup, and the type and preparation method of flocculant are very important. The use of high polymer polyacrylamide (degree of hydrolysis of 25%-30%) is more suitable for sugar plant applications. Adopt advanced cane juice clarification technology, efficient polyacrylamide flocculant to remove as much non-sugar as possible, so as to improve the quality of green juice. In addition, it can also be used to reduce the formation of scale in sugar refining equipment. Nowadays, China has produced polyacrylamide flocculant specialized in sugar industry. The relative molecular weight is 200X10⁴, and the dosage is 2mg/L, which can increase the sedimentation rate by 20 times.